What Is This Project About?

No film, so far, has tried to capture the central importance of KumbhMela in Sanatana Dharma and Indian society. The KumbhMela Film Project is an attempt to fill this gap.

The KumbhMela Film Project is an attempt to present KumbhMela in dharmic perspective, in contrast of ‘religious’ interpretations which see the Mela as nothing more than exotic and erotic tourism.

The KumbhMela is the largest gathering in the history of humankind. It is dynamic, self-regulating and self-governing. For many millennia Hindu society has been looking at KumbhMelafrom dharmic perspective. This perspective highlights the KumbhMela as a source of cultural integration in India. It is a place where different streams of Indian Knowledge traditions come together for discourse, debates and mutual exchange. It is a window to heart of India and its millennial wisdom.

But unfortunately for the past few decades some scholars and intellectuals have started interpreting KumbhMela according to alien points of view. They are analyzing the KumbhMela on the criteria of gender discrimination, caste discrimination, ecological destruction, tantric sexual orgies etc.Due to lack of research from indigenous perspective our new generation has no option but to rely on such ‘studies’. What is even worse is that many Hindus have accepted their interpretations and have become dependent upon them. As a result, we are gradually losing the right to describe our own traditions.

The KumbhMela documentary film is an effort to reclaim dharmic interpretation of this sacred Mela. It is an opportunity for us to share the legacy of our cultural heritage with our future generations.